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A unicorn wandered through the hills and the valleys, sad that she could never find one of her own kind. She saw birds and squirrels, deer, and even horses -- which humans often mistook her for, but she did not see unicorns. One day she wandered deep into a forest, lost and scared. And then, in the distance, saw a spark of white. She ran and finally saw the mysterious, still creature! It was another unicorn drinking from a lake! The unicorn at the lake looked up and saw her and they shared a moment of ecstasy -- knowing they had each finally found one of their own kind. Their love built great over time and they lived happily ever after.

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I'm upset and I may be being unreasonable. I pre-ordered The Last Unicorn comics from conlan press (associated with the author). I could have bought the issues cheaper and without paying shipping through a comic book store, but that didn't occur it. The first two issues were late coming out and the third never came out at all. There was some publishing mix up and Conlan Press didn't get the newer comics and wouldn't be for months, so they offered people like me, who pre-ordered all the comics, the choice of getting the full, hard-cover graphic novel without charge and without receiving the rest of the individual comics. I chose this -- also the book would be personally signed. This book, again, has been delayed many months. I got it today -- and my name is misspelled in it! They spelled it Bridgette instead of Bridgett. This really upsets me. I spent like $45 on the comics, didn't get them all, and now have a long-awaited book with my name wrong. I contacted the publisher about this, but I doubt they will do anything.
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The Fantastic Adventures of Unico has been a favorite movie of mine since I was extremely young and it influenced how I think about people and interact with them. At college I made all my friends watch the movie. I've written posts about it in the past. The movie helped me see the good in people, even in people who superficially aren't that likable. I thought I could make everyone my friend just by expressing love. Sometimes when I have to part from someone I love I am reminded of how Unico always has to leave the friends he has made and go on to help other people. Since this movie is from so early in my life I don't know if it has "changed" me as much as "shaped" me.

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I've decided my symbol for my Happiness Project should (obviously) be the unicorn. Unicorns bring me a lot of happiness, they are one of my major collections, and I admire many traits attributed to the unicorn. Unicorns tend to represent peace and joy, especially within nature. They are trusting, yet can be dangerous if crossed. I don't wish to be dangerous when crossed, but to be able to stand up for myself and those I care about. I've already written a lot about the unicorn as an archetype and it has a magical quality for me/resonance. When I'm struggling I will think of the unicorn and how I want to develop.
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Today I found out my great aunt's surprise birthday party is the same day I am going to the ballet. We will miss the surprise part, but my mother and I (and possibly Michael) will be going to the party after the ballet. I will bring at least one book to read with me... This same great aunt used to collect unicorns and we've discussed by email about meeting so I could take some of her collection. My mother would accompany me. Maybe we can sort that out at the party.

Overall today has been a calm day. I tried rewatching the second Lord of the Rings movie and I still couldn't focus on it. I might try it yet again. I'm not sure yet. I'm tired and might just read and listen to music for now.
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I was feeling rather negative earlier, and though the actual problem hasn't been resolved, I am calmer. I am currently hoping to find the songs from the English versions of the Unico movies. In case anyone was curious, these are the lyrics of the "Katy the Kitty Witch" song. I really love the music in the movies. I wish I could get copies somehow:(

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I'm just doing this in a summary format. ^_^

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I forgot this for awhile, but my mother's maiden name tranlates close to "unicorn" and her family crest has a unicorn on it, as well as the hand of God reaching out of a cloud. There's a lot of white and light blue on it. I think that's neat^.^

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I drew and painted a picture of a winged unicorn. Unfortunately, I have very little experience drawing animals or in an animated style because I was encouraged to focus on landscapes in school because that's what I tended to be competitively successful with. Here's some picutures of my pictureXD I'm linking to them because the pictures are big. Despite my love of unicorns, this is only my third or so equine drawing, so please be nice^^;


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