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Birthdate:Jan 13
Location:Illinois, United States of America
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Note: If you want to contact me outside of LiveJournal, it's best to e-mail me, because I don't use instant messengers much anymore, aside from with a few family members/closest friends.

Sailor Moon mood theme by: "patterngrain_de_beaute" at "patternedensflowers"

My journal is partly friends only. If you friend me I will probably friend you back. The only exception is if you come across really inconsiderate of others. That doesn't mean you have to agree with me all the time, just please be respectful of others.

These are some of the topics I often write about in my journal:

-Autism: I am diagnosed autistic.
-Psychology and Psychiatry
-Anxiety and Obsessions
-My Emotions: I'm extremely emotional and get really attached to people and things.
-My Family: I have an extremely messed up family.
-Movies and anime: Although I watch a variety of movies and anime, I don't really write about these that often unless it somehow relates to my obsessive themes or my understanding of something.
-Mythology, Archetypes, and Jungian Psychology.: A huge interest of mine. I love mythology and fairy tales and the patterns that result. I am interested in how archetypes affect our psychology.
-Comparative Religion: I find religion fascinating. I am interested in spirituality/feel a connection to God, but I don't follow an organized religion. I don't care if you're religious or not, as long as you believe in being compassionate toward others.
-Animals: I have cats and my mother has a dog (Shih Tzu).
-Art: I am an artist and hope to do it professionally. I paint and draw. I have a website for my art and a Deviant Art Account. I also love looking at art. Cezanne is one of my favorite artists.
-Writing: I write young adult novels and general literary fiction novels featuring elements of magical realism. I also sometimes post poems, and I write some short stories.
-Childhood Memories: I have a lot of nostalgia for my childhood.
-Quizzes and Surveys: Because I love taking them. I put them behind an lj-cut though, since I know many people find them obnoxious.


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alice in wonderland, amalthea, amelie, american gods, ancient civilizations, angels, anime, anxiety, aqua teen hunger force, aquateen hunger force, archetypes, art, art nouveau, artemis, arthurian legend, asperger syndrome, asperger's syndrome, asthma, astrology, authurian legend, autism, autistic, beauty, beauty and the beast, bike riding, billy joel, black thorn red rose, bob seger, butterflies, carl jung, castles, cat stevens, cats, cherry blossom trees, chocolate milk, convents, david the gnome, deer, dido, disney soundtracks, disney world, divination, dragons, drawing, dreams, dysfunctional families, echo, either/or, elton john, elves, emily dickinson, fairies, fairy tales, fantasy, fey, fleetwood mac, flight of dragons, folk rock, folklore, fragile things, francesca lia block, friendship, fuzzy sweaters, fyodor dostoyevski, fyodor dostoyevsky, gargoyles, genesis, ghosts, glitter, gnosticism, going to the zoo, gymnastics, haibane renmei, hallucinations, hardboiled wonderland and the end of the world, haruki murakami, heavenly creatures, hello kitty, hercules: the legendary journeys, high-functioning autism, his dark materials, his dark materials trilogy, hypersensitivity, ice cream, imagination, infj, innocence, insanity, insomnia, japan, jorge luis borges, joseph campbell, kafka by the shore, kindness, l.j. smith, labyrinth, left-handed, lilies, lost, lost in translation, love, love is a story, lucid dreaming, magic, magical realism, magical thinking, makoto shinkai, maroon 5, meditation, mentally ill parents, mermaids, meyers-briggs, minoan civilization, moon-spinners, moonlight, my little ponies, my little pony, myers-briggs, mysticism, mythology, neil gaiman, neon genesis evangelion, neurology, neverwhere, nightmares, obsessions, occult, pacifism, painting, panic attacks, paranormal, peace, perfectionism, persephone, personality, phil collins, philip k. dick, philosophy, please save my earth, poe, poetry, post traumatic stress disorder, prayer, princess tutu, prydain chronicles, psychological types, psychology, pullip dolls, purity, rabbits, rain, rainbow brite, rainbows, reading, reality, reincarnation, religion, revolutionary girl utena, rihanna, robert sternberg, sailor moon, sailor saturn, saints, sandman, scrapbooking, sensory overload, serial experiments lain, smoke and mirrors, snowflakes, soren kierkegaard, spending time with friends, spirits, spirituality, stardust, stars, supernatural, surrealism, swans, synesthesia, søren kierkegaard, tarot, temporal lobe epilepsy, the beatles, the bloody chamber, the brothers karamazov, the fatnastic adventures of unico, the fountain, the hero with a thousand faces, the last unicorn, the place promised in our early days, the police, the princess bride, the prydain chronicles, the rose and the beast, the royal tennenbaums, the sweet hereafter, tori amos, totem animals, totems, transcendental experiences, trauma, unico, unicorns, utena, valis, vampires, watching movies, william james, willow, wishes, witchcraft, writing, xena: warrior princess, yoga, zoolander
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