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Today went pretty well, but I got anxious later on because our bathtub and bathroom sink aren't draining properly and I worry how much a plumber will cost and what it will cost to fix. The house is quite old and something is always going wrong with it:(

Today I had a facial and it went quite well. The aesthetician didn't try to make me talk too much. She looked at my skin under really bright lights and said my skin glowed and looked like porcelain. That surprised me because I usually think my skin is bad. She also said it was obvious I wasn't a "sun worshipper." I have another gift certificate I can use for another facial or maybe I can buy some of their expensive skin products they used on me today. The facial was anti-aging because it would help the flakiness around my nose. Then she applied a hydrating mask and various other things. I'm going to try and make sure I drink more water to keep my skin hydrated and hopefully flake less. All the flakiness is gone at the moment due to the facial.

Tonight Michael checked my mother's porch for my Princess Diaries dvd and my computer was there, too! They made my mother sign for an empty box to send the laptop in, but didn't make anyone sign for the computer? That seems kind of weird... My cords are all detangled and are in better shape, too! I'm glad to have my computer back and tomorrow I will write up a couple poems I wrote.

I also can finish my painting now that I have the deer reference pictures I had on here.
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Yay! My computer does have a microphone and I found it through doing a search for "sound." I adjusted the settings and now I can hear it quite well:-) Izzy helped me figure this out!
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I took a Klonopin because I was feeling stressed out earlier, and it helped. Amber emailed me back and wants to talk over the internet through a chat program! She used to use a webcam with me and I have a webcam on my laptop so maybe we could do that too. I don't know if I have a microphone on my computer or if I need to buy one... When I try to search for a microphone on my computer I can't find one, but I found a way to record sounds and it worked when I talked to my computer, it's just my voice was very faint... Does that mean there is a microphone since there was sound and something just needs to be adjusted? Thinking about all this is part of what made me anxious, even though I do desperately want to talk to Amber.

I've also been thinking of Iowa lately (where I went to college). I'd really like to go back and look around Cedar Rapids and Iowa City and maybe stop back at the college itself and eat at the snack bar. Maybe April would want to come with;-) Maybe even Phil, too. We could stay overnight at a hotel... My mother used to take me to a hotel every block break when she would visit me there. I miss the cornfields (though we have them in Illinois south of where I live). I miss the harvest moon I saw one time on a trip back to campus. I miss the little shops. I'd also like to return to Salem, Massachusetts and Washington DC, but those would be more expensive trips. I wish my aunt hadn't moved from Bethesda to an isolated part of Florida:( Michael wants to go to New Mexico and I want to go to Arizona. There are so many places I would like to go, in and out of the U.S.!

I think I'm getting constipated again and needed Ibuprofen for the abdominal pain. I won't use more laxatives until I see my doctor on Monday and find out what she says about all my sickness. Maybe this problem will be resolved by then, anyway. My more flu-like symptoms have been better today, though I had bad stomachaches all night (again, could be related to IBS and not this flu-like thing I've had). But I am feeling better in a lot of ways! I hope I sleep better tonight. I finally finished reading a library book Michael has to take home with him on Sunday and hopefully tomorrow I will get started on writing penpal letters (actually, I may start one right now as Michael mows the lawn).
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The literary agency doesn't use Open Office so Michael and I have been copy and pasting and then fixing the formatting of my manuscripts. From now on I'll always use Microsoft Works-_- Though I'm going to finish my current short story in Open Office, but short stories are a lot less time-consuming to fix than a novel. And my other novels are way shorter and may already be transferred to Microsoft Word/Works, so I'm not as concerned about it. However, I can't figure out how to add headers with my last name, the title of the book, and the page number on Microsoft Works. Does anyone know how to do this? This is basically the last step I need to do.
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My computer is fixed! It took less than an hour, though it still was longer than I expected. I think the port is what was fixed. Though he was opening up my computer and I was getting nervous:P He first got lost on the way to my house, which was very bad because I have no sense of directions and don't know any streets. But I was able to tell him the major street my street is off of and he managed to find it. I think the problem that there are 3 streets with my street name...

I brought over all my old Beanie Babies from home, but I have no idea where to put them all... I don't know where to put the additions to my unicorn collection, either! I will have to figure that out.
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This morning Sony called and a worker should be coming over any time now to fix my computer. I hope it is easily and quickly fixed. I will bring a book to read at my mother's house while the person works on my computer. I managed to get myself up early enough today, though I felt ill at first. I'm hoping I can still visit April sometime soon. Maybe even this afternoon, if she's up to it.
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This morning Sony called me saying they would send someone out to fix my laptop! Therefore no worries about mailing! I don't know which day they will come, but I said no to Friday because that's when I have my surgery and the only person who will be around is my brother. I hope the problem is easily fixed (people I've talked to about it seem to think it will be easy to fix, as it seems the AC Adapter just fits into the port too loosely. Unfortunately because I have to wait for Sony, I don't know if I can see April this week:-( I'm hoping they come tomorrow so I can see her later. Seeing April cheers up my mood. I'm going to read for a little, write a poem, and return to painting. I was feeling a bit obsessive again this morning, but I'm better after taking my medication.
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LiveJournal is acting up for me, but so is the whole internet. It just seems now everything but LiveJournal is working again. I hope to finish reading Wizard and Glass today (I've just been reading about 100 pages a day of Stephen King's books). Michael and I will do the typical daily things we do, but I don't know if there's also something else we will do. If it's not too cold I'd like to go bike riding. I also intend to do more stretching, like last night. I don't really feel more flexible yet, but hopefully that will come. I wish my anxiety would stay away. Even when things are going well I feel anxious; I think this is because I've spent years being very anxious over select people and it's very difficult to let that pattern go. I feel a lot more kind and accepting when my anxiety is under control. It actually takes a whole lot for me to dislike a person usually (though usually when I dislike a person I seethe in anger...). I feel so much calmer and able to think clearly when my anxiety is controlled by my medications. Ideally I'd like to be able to cope with anxiety on my own, but it's still too severe and I need my life to feel more stabilized.
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Computer problems AGAIN. I just got this computer in January. Something is wrong with either the AC adaptor or its port. It's too lose and keeps switching from charging/plugged in to listing it as running on battery. I'm going to have to send my computer in to be fixed. I really hope they pay for shipping, because that could be expensive. And I don't want to be without the internet so Michael will have to bring back my old laptop and connect it to the internet. This is just so frustrating
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I am having a problem converting files from Open Office into files that can be read the same way, with the same formatting, on Microsoft Works/Word. I tried to convert a story to an rtf file last night and it was a big pain and I don't know if it really worked. In addition, Microsoft word (which came with my computer) is telling me I need a product key and can only be let in 23 times until then, and it will only let me see if the file in "read only" and says there is another user and we'd have to merge our information later. I do not understand any of this. Michael said he'd look at my computer and see if a Microsoft Works disc came with my computer. Does anyone know anything about either of these problems?
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Apparently modems are very expensive, so I just bought a wireless router and planned on continuing to use my Comcast rented modem. However, my mother pays the same amount each month for her modem and it's set up for wireless. SO tomorrow my mother will talk to Comcast and hopefully exchange my modem for one with wireless capabilities (same price as my current modem) and then we'll just keep renting the modem/router for $5/month for now. I will probably return my router. That would be good for my bank account. Though this is all very draining and frustrating. I hope Michael can set up the new router/modem without difficulty.
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After looking up all this router/modem stuff online, I'm going to just go into a store like Fry's and buy one, as long as it's not twice the price I'm seeing online or anything. I have Windows 7 so it has to be compatible with that (nothing I've been finding lists Windows above Vista) and it has to be a router/modem for cable that connects to multiple computers, one with a different version of windows (I don't remember which version Michael has). I have a built-in wireless card. I would like it today so tomorrow we can set it up with Comcast. So far, aside from the mousepad thingee, I love my new computer.
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My computer comes with a wireless card, but I need to buy a gateway/router/modem off ebay. Someone my family knows got his for $5. Then we can return the borrowed modem to Comcast. I will be happy when I can use wireless internet because I have to type on the floor right now. I am a bit overwhelmed by the computer stuff. I think I will try to read for awhile. So far I really do like my computer, though.
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I'm typing from my new pink computer:-) It arrived today. We're in the middle of transferring over information. Tomorrow, if I can get to a store, I will buy a wireless card and an appropriate router. It could get a little expensive:-( And I donated money to the Humane Society for Haiti today. I chose aqua paint for my kitchen and it was purchased, but my mother didn't make me pay for it. Hopefully we can start painting in the next few days... I hope my mother will help me with the edges, despite all the work she did laying down flooring. I have shaky hands and I get paint all over the ceiling and moldings when I try to paint, even with masking tape around the edges. I may have to hook a mouse up to this laptop because I'm not used to the mouse pad. And I'm not looking forward to going through all my songs and renaming the ones that aren't labeled well>_< Michael should be arriving soon...
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I think I want this laptop: http://www.sonystyle.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?catalogId=10551&storeId=10151&langId=-1&productId=8198552921666075665

Hopefully it will be available by the time I can afford it. And hopefully it will last longer than my past computers, but I really want to return to a laptop so I can write my stories while sitting on the futon.
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There was something wrong with my computer at 6am this morning. I woke up to bad transportation dreams (mainly about a bus and rushing to get on it and save seats for my brother and mother, but then they didn't make the bus, then April popped up, etc.). I passed the living room and saw the black screen on my computer. I couldn't understand the meaning of what it said and no longer remember what it said. I tried restarting the computer and that didn't help. Then I realized it said "press F1" so I did that and Windows started. I hope it was just a fluke. My computer was just fixed. I really need to save the data on here but Michael has my big thumbdrive...
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The person I sent my hard drives to copy said my hard drives are blank:-( I lost all my poems July onward. I just have the ones in my notebooks and copied to LiveJournal. I will work on the project of copying them when I get back home (I just got to Michael's house). In a way I'm relieved. There's a lot that period of time those hard drives are from that I want to forget. I want to start over clean. I've written a lot of bad poetry just to get my feelings out, but I rather like some of my poems. I'm going to work hard on my poetry to make up for what was potentially lost.
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I can't find my post on crossposting and my semagic is not crossposting. I have it set up to post to livejournal or insanejournal but it won't post to both at the same time, even though "multiple journals" is an option. I didn't use the initials (ij, lj) because I couldn't get it to accept those added on at the end of the username. If someone knows what I'm doing wrong, please let me know.

**It says something about "adult content" and won't post to one.
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I have a problem. I have three hard drives but they are disconnected. I need to connect them with a sata controller. I have an abit av8 motherboard. I will probably need to take the computer into a computer shop to have the sata controller installed. But does anyone have any idea what kind of sata controller I need?

The Phone

Mar. 4th, 2009 11:00 am
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I prefer text messaging because I'm not good at thinking up things to say on the spot and making conversation flow, etc. Also sometimes it overloads me to talk on the phone, just by listening even. Speaking can be taxing and sometimes I feel like my words are all jumbled. Text messaging gives me more time to respond (though I always respond as soon as I notice I have a message). I am also more comfortable and feel I make more sense in writing as opposed to talking.


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