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Social (23)
(4)1) Generally, I positively associate with the idea of being a part of something larger than myself. Though I may find it either overwhelming, because of my astute awareness of what lies beyond my own interests, or inspiring.
(3)2) I am very aware of the impact my decision will have on others and can be quite attuned to their reactions and needs. I read people well.
(3)3) Being recognized or valued by my peers or community, for my contributions, is important to me.
(3)4) I tend to have strong opinions on social change and/or social constructs and trends.
(1)5) I am aware of not only my own relationships, but also power structures and the nature of bonds between other people. I have a deep understanding of interconnectedness between groups and people who comprise them. In other words, I am good at perceiving the many facets of how a group works within its context and outside of it. I easily pick up on how I fit into the social hierarchy, whether or not I approve of it.
(1)6) I am socially aware, but I can also be reserved and socially distant.
(1)7) If I gravitate towards group (s)/institution (s)/gathering(s)of my choosing, I can be quite involved with championing the values and goals of this grouping.
(1)8) I tend to keep track of current events, even when not required to for my career performance.
(2)9) At my worst I am either strongly conformist or excessively anti-society/counter culture. At my best, my relationships with others are ones of healthy interdependence, and I may be inclined to strong individual leadership or display deep commitment in establishing teamwork and collaboration.
(4)10) "no man is an island." Everything is part of an interconnected web, like it or not.

Self Preservation (39)
(5)1) I am acutely aware of my physical safety (though sometimes I will choose to do something dangerous anyway)
(4)2) when I go to a party, I immediately notice the temperature, the smells and where the food is
(3)3) I am very health conscious
(5)4) financial/career, physical and/or romantic security are very important to me
(3)5) if I have an injury or a health related problem, I typically notice quickly
(3)6) I tend to save a decent amount of my money (explained below)
(5)7) predictability is important to me. the sooner I can know about things in advance, the better.
(5)8) when I'm under stress, things like health, finances, hygiene or other things that I normally stay on top of start to slip, sometimes severely.
(2)9) I'm acutely aware of cause and effect, particularly when the potential consequences are dire. if my friends listened to me more, they'd end up making a lot less stupid mistakes
(5)10) physical comfort is important to me. I can get distracted by things like uncomfortable seats, high humidity or bodily pain when I'm trying to enjoy time with my friends

Sexual (37)
(2)1) I have an addictive personality
(2)2) "if it's not worth doing in excess, it's not worth doing at all"
(2)3) people generally think I'm "too much". in lots of situations, I feel like it's expected of me to tone myself down considerably (which I will either refuse to do or do so begrudgingly)
(5)4) my energy is either "on" or "off". when I'm in the presence of someone who I vibe with my mind does an internal "YES! FINALLY!" and I try to start a conversation with that person
(5)5) I can be obsessive with my love interests. I am either clingy or have to try very hard not to be
(4)6) I feel like a part of me is missing and am looking for someone to complete me. at times, this creates a raw sort of longing that can lead to emotional volatility
(5)7) I have strong impulses (particularly with regards to relationships). I frequently wish I didn't have to be so damn careful
(4)8) if I'm not in a relationship, I feel old. I don't know how it's possible for people to be happy without passionate intimacy, because being without it makes me feel dead
(5)9) I only feel alive when indulging my passions. sometimes this causes me to neglect other areas of my life
(3)10) people either love me or hate me, but either way, my personality grabs attention, whether I want it to or not
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I've been participating in a thread (and actually created it) on the instinctual variants for the enneagram. I believe I'm self-preservation, followed by sexual, followed by social. A friend brought up that I could seem self-preservation/social online, which sounds pretty right to me. I think everyone has basically agreed that I seem "social" due to my Extroverted Feeling (being an INFJ), 6w7 as my head type (a very social type), and 9w1 as my gut type (also concerned about people, though I think of it as more introverted than 6w7). Also my core type and image type is 4w3, the 3 wing being more extroverted (4 is withdrawn).
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I can't get the image to show:(

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I've gotten some feedback on personalitycafe that leads me to believe I'm a 9w1 second in my tritype instead of 1w9. It's not that I don't like 1's (my significant other is a 1w2), but I tend to idealize 9's and admire the personalities of my 9 friends. I still think I'm a core 4w3 because I relate really well to everything I read about 4. I relate much better to the 4 sp/sx description than the 9 sp/sx description. I think in my posts about my 9/1 issue I downplayed my 4-ness and might seem like a core 9. I have issues with envy, have written probably 800 poems about my lost love, despite my cheerfulness, carry melancholy with me, etc. I do hate conflict, but I will deal with it more readily than most core 9's. I also tend to daydream about relationships with people in my life and can't escape reality through my daydreams. I get anxious about reality.
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For quite awhile now I've assumed I was a type 1w9 for my gut type, but now I'm not so sure. I'm a 4w3 and integrate to 1 when I'm healthy. I tend to have very strict morals and ethics for myself, care about the ethical behavior of others, I'm a perfectionist a lot of the time, etc.

However, in reading "The Positive Enneagram" I came across a description of 9's that sounds very much like me:

"...It's often through storytelling that 9's find it possible to express who they are. Point 9 on the enneagram is a place of creative possibility, which is probably why 9's usually like stories better than factual accounts. Facts describe the world as it is, stories describe the world of imagination.

The stories that 9's tell don't seem to be so much deliberately composed as channeled from some invisible part of themselves. These stories are often fantasies or fairy tales and are archetypal in nature." pg. 53

Fairy tales and archetypes are a huge obsession of mine and I get lost in fantasies easily. However, I don't usually avoid reality (I get too anxious for that) and while I hate conflict, I will sometimes get involved in it -- it just makes me super upset and gives me a stomachache.

I know I do not have an 8 wing if I am a 9 because 8 is the type I have least in common with. Maybe my love of fantasy is just because I'm a core 4?
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Tomorrow I should be getting a new book on the enneagram. It's a complicated system to learn. I know my core type is 4w3 (my feeling type). I seek authenticity, uniqueness, artistic expression, deep emotional connection, and can be withdrawn. However, the 3 tempers my withdrawn nature and I can be very open. 3's can be competitive and ambitious and I'm definitely ambitious, but I'm only really competitive with myself. Though I do wish approval from others, so I try to impress to some extent. I do have issues with envy, which is the main vice of type 4. When I'm healthier I integrate to 1 (like 4's typically do). This means I become more perfectionistic and focused on being ethical. When I'm unhealthy I tend to disintegrate to a 2, which means I become overly concerned with other people and their opinions of me and I can become overly generous at my expense.

My gut type and second in my tritype (combination of feeling type, head type, and gut type) is 1w9. This reinforces my withdrawn nature and makes me have strong 1 qualities like the ones I just listed above. I hate conflict, like 9's tend to. I also tend to be too judgmental at times, like 1's can be prone to.

My head type is 6w7. 6w7 and 4w3 often resemble each other. I am prone to the anxiety of 6 and, despite wanting to be unique, I also want to feel accepted. Like an unhealthy 6w7, I can become dependent on other people more than is healthy.

My variant stacking is self-preservation, then sexual, then social. I am very concerned about physical comforts and my physical environment. I like pretty things and can be a little too materialistic. I like to make my home as welcoming and soft as possible. I'm also very intense and prefer deep, one-on-one, relationships. My sexual variant is close in strength to my self-preservation variant. My social variant is far weaker and I don't care much about fitting into society in general or pleasing groups (I care deeply about pleasing individuals).
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This is semi-true for me, aside from the trouble following rules (I like rules).

You are in a perpetual quest to find the new, the exciting. Emotionally volatile, you are known for sudden changes of opinion, of appreciation, and behavior. Following rules and established methods is difficult for you and the difficulties of higher education are usually quite daunting. Knowledge is best gained through an intimate association with the matter at hand. Usually driven by attitudes and desires of the group, you are talented in an established field of endeavor. Emotions come and go without a strong understanding of their causes. They are unexpected guests in an otherwise placid landscape. You live by your own codes of conduct, which can be noble or terrible depending on the individual. Authority is meaningless to you. You hate to be predictable, at all costs. Rarely verbally effusive, you can at times feel as if your feelings are too deep for words. You are very observant, but rarely express these observations to others.

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From: http://www.auracolors.com/en/about-your-colors.html
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I had a little bit of discussion on the personality cafe forum over my third type, but not too much. I've been looking up information comparing w5 to w7, but most of the information came from forums, so I'm not sure how accurate it is.

These are the reasons I think I'm a 6w7 third in my tritype instead of 6w5:
-I do like to learn and intellectualize some things, but not at all in a 5-type way
-I'm impulsive
-Switch between optimism and pessimism
-I'm virtually never cynical
-I openly express emotion
-I'm very emotional and know my emotions well
-I make choices quickly instead of weighing the options rationally
-My mood can change rapidly (though I think that's largely due to my bipolar)
-6w7 sometimes looks like 4w3 (my core type)

Also, this description for 6w7 fits me: "Average Sixes with a Seven-wing...tend to depend more on others for reassurance and... If they get conflicting advice, they tend to be more indecisive than the Sixes with Five-wings."
- Riso and Hudson, 'Personality Types', pg.257

My withdrawn nature can be attributed to being a core 4 with a self-preservation/sexual stacking; Self-preservation types are often more withdrawn.

Again, any opinions on the matter are welcome:-)
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I've read that being an INFJ and an enneagram 4 is common and I am one myself. It seems a bit confusing, though, how the Fe and focus on the self in 4's combine. I do feel I'm Fe more than Fi. I care a lot about group values and harmony among people. I think a lot about what other people will think. I'm very expressive of my emotions and share myself with other people. Sometimes people influence me too easily because I care so much what people think. I do care about what people think of me.

As far as enneagram 4 goes, with a 3 wing, I don't think it is at all contradictory that I share my emotions so easily. People see me as emotional. Also having an interest in group harmony doesn't mean I don't try to be authentic (which is very important to me) -- I'm just selective about how I express myself to do the least social damage. I am very expressive of myself and creative and artistic. My relationships are very important to me (both Fe and 4) and I fear abandonment more than almost anything else. I don't cope with abandonment or betrayal well at all. I'm like a walking open wound. I want to be unique, yet accepted.
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If you are a 146, you are diligent, intuitive, and inquisitive. You want to be ethical, original and certain. Morally focused, you have strong emotions and are inclined to voice your feelings and intuitions. You care deeply and want to help others improve the expectations they have of themselves.

Your life mission is to find truth and help others understand what has intrinsic value. A true philosopher, you are happiest when you can use your intuition to help others find meaning.

You can be so identified with what you perceive is the morally correct way of being that you can come across as overly prudish, rigid and inflexible.

Self-Preservational Four

The most significant thing about the Self-Preservational Four was their identification with being self-contained, counter-dependent, and self-devouring. Rather than just criticizing themselves, they tore themselves apart, explaining that they weren't striving to improve themselves like the One. Instead, they need to preserve something that was concretely beautiful that they could manifest materially or concretely. Many were fine artists or crafts people, and while others might admire their work, the Self-Preserving Fours would know every flaw they had made and still feel inadequate, ultimately fearing that whatever they had created would be inherently flawed. The attention of Self-Preservational Fours can go to the essential needs in relationship to image; for example, the temperature of the room, will I be too hot and perspire, should I loosen my belt to be more comfortable, are the lights too bright and harsh, should I close the windows, will the outside sounds be too distracting, etc.

From: http://www.the16types.info/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=33751
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I keep reading more and more enneagram posts on how everyone is a 6. Maybe it is the most common type, but some people are being really harsh in their dismissal of people suspecting they are of other types. They are just being mean instead of stating their opinion in a more kind and respectful manner. I'm also very hesitant about personality typing people online -- even if you are good at typing. Also there's always a big thing about how people think they are 4's and (supposedly) 4's are the rarest type. I've always thought I was a 4, though learning about tritypes makes sense of it all for me because I also have a lot of 1 traits (though healthy 4's gravitate toward 1, as well) and some 6 traits. Mostly phobic 6, but occasionally counterphobic (I can lash out). My 2 traits are usually unhealthy coping mechanisms when I feel I am losing someone I'm really obsessed with and love very strongly. I am more cheerful than 4w5 and as a child used to be more flamboyant like a 4w3. I am very emotionally expressive, including sorrow and melancholy. I try to act cheerful with people, but I open up more now about my negative emotional states.

Here are descriptions of each type in my tritype (in order of strength) with each wing. This might not be interesting enough to anyone reading this so I'm putting it behind a cut.

Enneagram Tritype )

If anyone has any comments or suggestions of other types to look into (especially for the other two in my tritype -- I'm pretty sure I'm a 4w3 -- I'd like to hear it:-) Or if you think I have the wing wrong for one. Any explanation or link you could find to describe what you mean would also be appreciated.

And my variant typing is self-preservation/sexual/social (the order of how strong each is for me). This is a description of that stacking for 4's and I relate to all of it:

This subtype also cares very much about their surroundings and their possessions. They feel as if these things help to express who they are. There is more of a passionate sense about them as compared to the self/soc. They have more of a sensual relationship with their environment. These Fours are much more tortured by their difficulty with respect to maintaining close relationships. The self-preservationist instinct tends to be in conflict with the sexual instinct, causing this subtype to habitually analyze their relationships to the point where they find it difficult to be present to them. When unhealthy, these Fours can become very disdainful of the social environment. They also start to envy the ease with which others seem to form relationships and maintain friendships. When Fours of this subtype are healthy, they find that they can form relationships without feeling as though they are sacrificing authenticity. They no longer feel that they have to automatically define themselves as "different from others," as outside the group. They are able to see the ways in which their emotionality might cloud their better judgment and to use that insight to establish equilibrium.
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Great article on INFJ's: http://www.darbright.com/the-life-purpose-of-infjs/
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I found a link to this site that talks about what some Enneagram tritypes are like (one type from the head grouping, one from the heart grouping, and one from the gut grouping). I think my Enneagram tritype is 4w3 1w9 5w4 with a self-preservation>sexual stacking.

Here's the description I just read (for 1 4 5, but it's similar to 4 1 5):

1-4-5 : a rather introverted and withdrawn One, more creative, original and abstract than most. Prefers the realm of imagination and has very high ideals and standards, especially in what concerns romantic relationships. They’re harder to get to know because they can be very reserved, moody and somewhat picky. They have artistic inclinations and can be quite whimsical and creative. Tend to feel overwhelmed by the real world and hide in their own perfect worlds of fantasy. Prone to bouts of existential depression.
usual subtypes: self-preserving, sexual, 1w9
similar tritypes: 1-5-4, 4-1-5
flavours: solitary, melancholic, critical and whimsical

Taken from: http://pstypes.blogspot.com/search/label/Enneagram%20Tritype
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This is my response from personality cafe:
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Blog Post I Made About What an Average/Healthy-ish 4 Might Look Like )

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9) What do you desire most in your life?

To be happy and to become a better person filled with love.


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