Mar. 30th, 2009

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Apparently there's going to be a Pullip doll panel at Anime Central! This will be my first time attending Anime Central; I went to Otakon in Maryland once before. That was fun. I wish I had a costume to wear, but I can't sew and buying one would cost money I'm not willing to spend right now. I don't know if I will collect more Pullips in the near future because I've basically run out of room for stuff. My house is very small. There are still several dolls I'd really like, though.

Watching Sailor Moon makes me very happy and contented. I love the music too. Michael copied me a lot of the music (and I have 4 soudtracks), but I can't hear a lot of the songs until my hard drive is copied. Unfortunately watching Sailor Moon distracts Michael from his homework:-( I should try and put something else on in the background when he's trying to do homework.

I want to buy tickets to Arizona but I have to wait until I know when Tori Amos is touring near where I live... I'm very antsy.
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1. The Amano art print book I got in the mail yesterday. (very pretty and enchanting!)
2. Reading the sweet book "The Little White Horse"
3. My mother calling the doctor's office to contact the billing area about changing my code away from a physical so medicare will cover it
4. Watching a lot of Sailor Moon, My Little Ponies, and starting Fruits Basket momentarily
5. Getting my first draft of my memoir query letter done, and redoing the beginning of a short story


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