Jan. 25th, 2011

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Why is this question so much easier than what makes you sad?

Spending time with friends/loved ones, Disney World, childhood toys and cartoons, My Little Ponies and other fantasy ponies, Pullip dolls, books, reading, writing, painting, drawing, fairy tales/folklore/mythology, rainbows, unicorns, boating, cherry blossom and magnolia trees, shopping, folk rock music, Tori Amos, Neil Gaiman and Haruki Murakami's writing, going to the Unitarian Universalist church, ballet, gymnastics, yoga (very new for me!), desserts, mountains, giving and receiving gifts, fantasy movies, learning, playing certain games, being complimented, being loved, spending time with animals, and completing a difficult project all make me happy:-)
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I find that I get irritated with people too easily. I tend to like people very easily and quickly, but I also can get frustrated pretty quickly (though I often don't express it). This can lead to rather confused feelings, though I still like people, overall, and try to ignore the incident that bothered me. I prefer people to not judge me and to give me some leeway to make mistakes or say improper things, so I should give the same allowances to people I interact with. I would like to be a more laidback person. I dwell on problems when I would like to just let them go. I need everything in life to be consistent even though that is impossible. I, myself, am not completely consistent and can be hypocritical, as much as I hate hypocrisy. I try to be self-aware, though, and notice when I'm being unkind or unfair or contradicting myself unnecessarily. Not everyone has to agree with me or think like me. I have to really come to terms with that. Also sometimes problems are just due to miscommunication. In some ways I communicate more easily than a lot of people, but I still reach points where I have no idea how to communicate to someone when we are struggling to understand each other.
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1. Not vomiting the fried food my brother brought for me from his work (Zofran is wonderful!)
2. My kitchen lights being out just because the light switch needed to be fixed and an electrician won't be necessary
3. Validation by a friend of my car accident fear (started after our scary car accident a in 2008 when the breaks failed when we were coming off a highway and the seat belt stopped my breathing)
4. Reading more of Discovering Your Self Through the Tarot
5. Watching The Princess and the Goblin
6. Yoga calming down my angers and frustrations


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