Nov. 20th, 2010

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I'm still anxious and overwhelmed, but there are a few good things that have happened. I convinced Michael to call his dentist's office this morning and they are there today until 1pm. Michael has a 12:30pm appointment. Also Michael's mother is going to talk to their family doctor (whom she is friends with) to see about getting a generic Ritalin prescription (which hopefully Michael's mother could pick up after work on Monday). Then hopefully that will be cheaper and Michael can get his ADD medication and come to my house Monday night or Tuesday.

I bought some fleece sheets on-sale from Kmart and they were on sale for $20. This is what they look like:

My mother had a hard day yesterday, too. She will probably pick me up around 6pm. Michael has a Coldstone Creamery coupon for free ice cream because of his birthday and he's going to let me use it. I hope it comes with a free topping, but even if it doesn't I will still get cheesecake ice cream. I still feel hungover from Klonopin, but I ate granola for breakfast which seems to have helped a bit. I have to learn how to cope with problems better...
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1. Michael giving me his free birthday ice cream from Coldstone Creamery
2. Watching an episode of Glee with Michael
3. Beauty and the Beast and Lost, season 6, waiting for me
4. Reading The Celery Stalks at Midnight by James Howe
5. Having new fleece snowman sheets on my bed
6. My mood recovering from last night and this morning
7. My mother buying me dinner


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