Sep. 9th, 2009

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On the one hand I hate vanity sizing (which I believe has increased slowly over time, but I noticed several major stores changing their sizing sometime when I was in college/left college a few years ago), but on the other hand the "true" sizes can be triggering. However, I'd like to know my "real" size and dimensions, even if I hate hearing it. My pants/jeans vary greatly in size because some of them are as much as a decade old and from different stores, so different sizing. What's frustrating is that, regardless of the actual number on the pants, I seem really in-between sizes. One size is way too tight on me, but the size up is falling off me. I don't even really have a belt now, which would at least help the bigger size from falling off, but there's often still a gap in the back. I have a big butt so I think that pulls the waist back and leaves a gap even when it's hard to button the pants.
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1. Seeing April and Phil today.
2. Having another day of mental stability.
3. Watching the season premiere of America's Next Top Model (though I muted it during tense moments)
4. More insight from my anger workbooks
5. Catching my brother with my Klonopin before he could successfully steal it


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