Jul. 29th, 2009

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I still have a bit of anxiety over what happened yesterday, but I'm calmer. I'm trying to avoid taking Klonopin. Some good things that have happened/are in the process of happening:
1. My brother deciding to mow my backyard after all.
2. My mother making two calls to my psychiatrist's clinic about the increase of Adipex (so far, only the answering machine, but if we don't connect to a person I will just call my psychiatrist again tonight -- he's going on vacation next week).
3. I will probably go in for my lab tests/EKG today, if my mother has time.
4. Have a whole bunch of things I can do to occupy my mind.

Michael went home, unfortunately, but I will see him soon. This gives me time to listen to all the music he hates and watch things he hates (like True Blood, which I just rented).

Goal List

Jul. 29th, 2009 06:46 pm
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I'm feeling a bit calmer now, though there are several things going on that I'm still confused about, such as how to get my new appetite suppressant prescription since the clinic refuses to answer their phone today. Writing down goals always calms me.

Goals For the Rest of the Week
1. Finish my flowers painting.
2. Finish my short story.
3. Finish reading Pronoia
4. Continue reading Walkers Between the Worlds
5. Watch more Maison Ikkoku
6. Get my lab tests and EKG done
7. Call my psychiatrist and make sure he makes an appetite suppressant prescription
8. Clean my bathroom
9. Get refills of Klonopin and the appetite suppressant (maybe also Keppra)
10. Send my pink coat to the dry cleaners
11. Find more of my missing clothing
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1. Watching the first 4 episodes of True Blood
2. Doing the underpainting of my next painting
3. Watching more Hercules with Michael
4. An email from Amber
5. My brother mowing my backyard
6. Reading Pronoia
7. Instant messaging with Izzy, even though she's traveling


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