Apr. 2nd, 2009

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I had a weird dream about Michael and the Sonic fast food restaurant I've never been to before. We were trying to see how much money we had and how we could afford to eat there... There were other busy things happening, like weird traffic jams all over. I don't remember the rest, but it was a pretty mundane dream. I miss my more magical seeming dreams that played out like full stories. I should try to record my dreams more often, but usually when I wake up from them I don't want to move from bed.
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List to do for today:
1. Watch a movie on netflix online (probably "Daywatch")
2. Outline my new painting and paint the sky
3. Finish reading The Unholy Bible
4. Possibly email Amber and other people
5. Write down my new novel idea in my notebook
6. Journal in my paper journal
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1. My mother not making me pay $100 for my brother's ticket so he won't go to jail and can instead babysit the dog.
2. Managing to cancel a third-party seller purchase from amazon.com that I accidentally made
3. Ordering "like new" copies of Princess Tutu manga as a personal reward for not owing $100
4. My brother is going to redownload Lucifer and later Jack of Fables for me to read
5. Getting compliments on some of my drawings


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