Mar. 19th, 2009

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I just took my morning medication. I'm so anxious and upset. I woke up just now from bad dreams about cruises and hair dyeing. I don't remember exactly how they were bad, but they were extremely uncomfortable. I want to go back to bed but I feel like I should stay up. Maybe I will try and read a short story soon and see how awake I feel then. I am also expected a call from my mother this morning. We might pick Michael up since his friend who would drive him here still doesn't have his license back.
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Tori Amos is releasing a new album and will be touring from July until Christmas. I'm assuming she'll be touring in Chicago and I'll have to buy tickets as soon as they come out. I missed her tour last time, sadly (not knowing at the time that she was touring -- I am trying to be better at keeping up about such things). If she does signings I'll have my Comic Book Tattoo book signed:D
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I don't think I'm a "better" person, though I wish I could say that. I'm definitely more experienced in a wide variety of areas in life. I've learned social life is not like how it is in Sailor Moon. I've learned how to be more realistic in certain expectations as well as demands. I've done some volunteer work, too, which I hadn't done before. I hope that ten years from now I have more I can say about being a better person than I can currently say:-)
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1. Fruits Basket anime
2. Fruits Basket amv to Taylor Swift's song, "Love Story"
3. Michael arriving
4. Got my mp3 player to work
5. Realizing there was a new Neon Genesis Evangelion manga I had yet to read (and I ordered it)


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