Mar. 18th, 2009

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I tend to be more verbal online because I have more time to think and I find written words much easier than spoken words. Sometimes I make dumb errors in my writing because I "see" what I intend to write instead of what I do write, but writing is still much easier. I feel I'm able to express more of who I am online, though I would be open in-person if the right topics came up. Any differences are not intentional.
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Well, I finished reading Fruits Basket last night, online. I loved the ending. I loved the whole series. Each character got a really indepth look into their psyche, which is fun and gives lots to think about. I think my favorite character is Momiji. He's just so sweet! I really admire Tohru and wish I were that strong and kind. She's kind of like a typical anime heroine in that she's sweet and always forgiving and conquers all with her love. I want to be like that and always aspired to be like that, but unfortunately I get too defensive and angry. I hate injustices and starting with my father could become very loud and mean when provoked. I just always feel that people won't listen to me and overcompensate. I suppose I'm more like Kagura, the boar. I'm very stubborn, including about my feelings toward people. I make my feelings well known usually and I can be verbally violent (though never physically violent) when provoked. I suppose I'd just go back to being depressed and walked all over if I tried too hard to imitate Tohru. She doesn't even get depressed by horrible things! I wish I were like that, though I realize it's unrealistic. I'm just not like her very much, though maybe over time I can cultivate some of her love and patience and looking for the best in people. When I look for the best in people (which I usually do), I often end up depressed or angry so so far it hasn't worked great for me... I was more like Tohru when I was 18, yet the depression eventually set in, like I've been saying...

But the series greatly cheered me up and i wish there were more of it:D It's really inspired me. I need to read more shoujo manga. And watch more shoujo anime. I will be watching Fruits Basket soon!
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1. New episode of Lost
2. Rereading Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Women Writers Explore Their Favorite Fairy Tales
3. Reading Clockwork Phoenix
4. Going to the library and getting some new books to read
5. Watching Kyle XY
6. Watching a fairy tale collection of the Pegasus myth and Beauty and the Beast
7. Getting my (pink) mp3 player in the mail today
8. Finishing Fruits Basket early in the morning
9. Starting a new short story
10. My mother volunteering to pick Michael up since he can't get a ride here


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