Mar. 16th, 2009

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My favorite movie from age 8 until now has been Labyrinth. I love the songs and the magic and the puppets. I've been in love with Sarah's dress at the beginning of the movie ever since I saw it, as well as her hairpiece. I want a costume like that so much! It's also so fun that all the places, things, and creatures in the magical world of the Labyrinth exist in her own bedroom. I also like Brian Froud's creature design and have a couple Brian Froud books:-) My icon is Sarah during the dream-like ball scene:-) I also loved her hairpiece there. I think Jennifer Connelly was so pretty during this time period! I'm very jealous.
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In high school I was obsessed with fairy tales and fairy tale interpretation. It was a major perseveration before and after that, but it had a special meaning during that time period. I was very isolated and without friends (at least without friends I could confide in or see outside class). I imagined myself as a princess imprisoned in a tower by her evil ogre-wizard-king. A beautiful princess with a spell over her to make her look ugly and to make people dislike her, a wicked witch that kept to herself like a hermit. When really, she was just an imprisoned, enchanted princess. I had faith that someday that curse would be broken, and it was when my father/the king died suddenly at the princess's 18th birthday. The curse in her youth was broken and the beautiful princess could go on all sorts of adventures now as an independent adult. I wasn't sad when he died, which made some of my relatives think I was a sick person. But they didn't know what my father could really be like. He was very charming.

As far as a prince goes, I always imagined having a tragic romantic relationship. Somehow I would meet a wonderful soulmate-type person but our relationship would not be meant to be and we would be forced to go our separate ways (or one or both would die). I could never imagine a real "happily ever after" in this regard. I think that's partly why I would put up with a lot more than I should have in relationships. Now I'm a bit more optimistic about relationships and hope to have a good ending, if you want to call it an ending:-) After all, life doesn't end at marriage.

In college I felt I was starting my fairy tale adventure and for awhile I was able to live this fantasy. Sometimes I'm still able to live this fantasy. I'm trying to incorporate it with more realistic and helpful ways of living. I'm trying to be active instead of passive, since now I can do almost anything compared to before. I have to remind myself how good my life is and how free I am. I've met other people with wicked sides that hurt me greatly, but there are plenty of great people too, trying to live their own fairy tales:-)
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1. Michael giving me new Windows Live Messenger icons as I lost my "special" icons:-(
2. Playing my Nintendo DS for the first time in a few days
3. Reading Feminist Fairy Tales by Barbara Walker
4. Making a deal with Michael for how to financially cover my hard drive copying issue
5. I'm not pregnant!!! Hallelujah. The last thing this world needs right now is my screwed up spawn.


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