Feb. 7th, 2009


Feb. 7th, 2009 05:27 pm
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We just got back from Chinatown.  Things are a lot cheaper there!  Michael and I stopped at the grocery store right before coming to his house so that's the food I'm "rationing."  I bought two posters for $2.99 each!  First I bought a purpleish Chi one (of Chobits).  Then later we went back to that store and Michael found a really pretty Cardcaptor Sakura one where she has pink fairy wings and there are clouds and lots of stars growing out of vine-like things.  So I bought that one too.  I also bought a small poster-type thing of my Chinese Zodiac and I bought Michael a porcelain duck whistle.  We shared a chocolate cake pastry thing that was really good (his sister had one too, though we split up with his dad and sister separate).  We saw statues of all the Chinese zodiac signs and took some pictures.  It was fun, though overloading with all the people.  I'm glad I took Klonopin and ate before we left.  I am going to save my remaining cash for IHOP on Valentine's Day.

This was mainly copied from an email. I'm exhausted and overloaded from the trip and didn't feel like I could work up something original:P
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1. Going to Chinatown!
2. Buying inexpensive posters
3. Reading the beginning of Death Note 13: Another Note
4. Having the house to ourselves
5. Not having to sit next to Michael's niece on the trip to drop her off at Michael's aunt's house
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Emetephobia -- fear of vomiting (me or anyone else). This is still a huge fear of mine. I've also always been quite afraid of fire and afraid of fires occurring. Both these fears I directly blame my father for. He had them too and directly passed them onto me.


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