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Today I volunteered at the cat shelter again. I think I'm going to mainly help with socializing the cats and I was told each time I go someone who knows the place better will tell me a cat to socialize with who needs more help socializing with people and I will spend time with them. Today I spent time with a 2 year old male cat named Bruiser. He had a leg broken so badly they thought they were going to have to amputate it:( They didn't, though, and for now he lives in a (big) cage by himself. He gets lonely, I was told, which is understandable. I first pet him in his cage, which made him very happy, but then he crawled into my lap and I pet him for at least an hour. He was purring and very sweet. He eventually crawled back in his cage to eat and I spent time with some of the other cats. One of the cats is named Jigglypuff, which I find so funny. My allergies are bothering me a little now, unfortunately.

And when I came home one of my water tanks in the basement started gushing water, so now my water is turned off. My mother is calling the plumber and is going to try to have my tank replaced today. Michael was supposed to come here today, so I hope that everything goes as planned. I will work on my OCD and Bipolar workbooks in the meantime. I should also read my Unicorn Chronicles book...
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