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Midnight Queen by ~unico1313 on deviantART

The flowers are supposed to be orchids.
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Today Michael and I went to the ballet Don Quixote. It was really enjoyable and the ballet and music were all completely new to me. We had great seats since we ordered the tickets in January. Afterward we went to Wheaton and went to Whole Foods and shared a big chocolate cupcake from there. Michael also had a can of soda with sugar in it instead of high fructose corn syrup (he prefers sugar). Then we went to Borders and browsed and wrote down titles to look up on amazon. I think I will order two tonight -- one on healing from trauma and one (workbook) on anxiety and mindfulness. Ever since starting to do Dialectical Behavior Therapy on myself I've become more interested in mindfulness and Eastern religion and philosophy. I will never become a Buddhist, but I can learn a lot from Buddhism, Taoism, etc.

We went to the second (our first) Young Adults Group at the Unitarian Universalist Church. It went very well! We all introduced ourselves and said what our high point of the past month was, the low point, and who our hero for the past month was. We started out outside because no one had a key to the church, but then we got inside as it got colder and we chatted some more and ate popcorn and salsa with chips. Then we played a board game. Due to my anxiety around game playing (I am afraid of not understanding the rules of a game and appearing stupid), I sat out, but watching was fun. Michael participated. Then everyone helped clean up and was just talking again. The art show is tomorrow and all the art was out and I showed everyone my painting and they all gave lots of compliments.

As usual I got asked if I sell my art:P I hate that question because it's hard to sell art and it usually involves networking -- I can't network. I would rather be in poverty and painting only for myself rather than network. One guy there said he knew a woman who showed her art in her house four times a year and served food. I could never do that for a multitude of reasons... He also asked for my card (!) and I said I didn't have one, but directed him to my website. He said he knows lots of people who collect art. It's all very awkward for me because I feel like an amateur pretending to be better than she really is. Two of the guys asked me if I work in other mediums (like sculpture, etc.) and I said, no, just drawing and painting. Basic stuff. The one who asked for my card said there was nothing "basic" about my art and it was extremely good. That was nice to hear, though embarrassing. I used to feel more ambitious about my art and writing, but now I just want to express myself and hopefully some others will like my work, too.

I started feeling ready to go home because it was getting late and there was a lot I wanted to do before bed. We are going to church tomorrow morning and I need more sleep than most people do. I felt guilty because Michael was enjoying himself and would have liked to stay longer. I should have just stuck around awhile longer... Maybe next time I won't need to leave early. Even getting home earlier than we would have I feel too tired to finish priming the other side of my plywood (that I'm going to paint).

The painting I displayed in the art show was this one:

Ophelia by ~unico1313 on deviantART
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Painting of Dolly and Diamond )
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Picture )
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The only one I like is the ballerina one. Hopefully my next painting, which I have planned, will turn out better. I will try to make it more Impressionistic.

Paintings )
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Painting of the Aquarium Floor )
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Altered paintings uploaded to DeviantArt. Sorry to people who commented whom I never replied to!:( I don't check often at all.
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Paintings and Pictures of Me )
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Conte Drawings of Izzy's Face )
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Llama )
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3 Paintings
Paintings! )

I like the last one best:-)
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Three Paintings )
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My owl painting:

Painting )
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I did this drawing awhile ago; currently I'm working on a painting of a barn owl.

Rainbow Flowers )


Jul. 29th, 2008 05:34 pm
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Paintings )


May. 15th, 2008 06:47 pm
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Two Paintings

Paintings )
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This is a picture post of things I love. It's very image-heavy, so you might want to skip over it if your connection is slow.

Things I Love )
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This gave me a little opportunity to work on painting human anatomy.

Mermaid Painting )

I will take a better photograph of it (a less blurry photograph) before uploading to Deviant Art.


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