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5 Gratitudes
1. Not being too anxious or depressed
2. Seeing funny and cute videos online
3. Listening to music
4. Finally starting to draw again
5. My mother buying me some groceries

5 Hopes
1. See friends this weekend
2. Clean up the house
3. Spend time with Michael
4. Finish my drawing
5. No anxiety or depression

One thing I like about myself is:
I can get lost in music
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5 Gratitudes
1. Having Pizza Hut cheap
2. Getting things I'd planned on getting and having coupons, not going over my intended spending
3. Talking to friends online and by phone
4. Watching "We Got Married: Global Edition" with Michael
5. Mrs. Bates's matts getting cut out for only $10 instead of a total shaving!

5 Hopes
1. I wake up at a reasonable hour tomorrow
2. Minimal depression and anxiety tomorrow
3. No bingeing tomorrow
4. More reading tomorrow
5. Doing a drawing tomorrow

1 Thing I Like About Myself Is:
I try to stay true to my morals and ethics.
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5 Gratitudes
1. Feeling better today
2. Finding lots of nice, cheap things on the Nyx make up site
3. Talking with friends online
4. Michael and Dan liking From Up on Poppy Hill, so Michael will buy it when it's released on dvd/blu-ray and then I can see it
5. Being compared to Rapunzel

5 Hopes
1. My endocrinologist's office calls me
2. I feel better
3. No anxiety or depression
4. Spend time with Michael
5. Crochet and/or read

1 Thing I Like About Myself Is:
I learn from all different types of people, including people who superficially doesn't live a life anything like mine.
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5 Gratitudes
1. Talking to Izzy
2. Finding out the EU made animal testing illegal in cosmetics
3. Looking online at make up with Izzy
4. Experimenting with eyeshadow
5. Not being as weak as yesterday
6. Vanilla honeybush tea from Jan
7. Amber posting a music video to Facebook that she felt was "cheerful and bright" like me
8. Having the support of so many friends and my family
9. My mother buying me pasta salad
10. Ilana enjoying her Portland trip

1 Thing I Like About Myself
I am usually very welcoming.
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5 Gratitudes
1. Getting news about my suppression test and getting the stuff for my urine test
2. Talking to Rose
3. Michael making me coffee and a milkshake
4. Support of friends
5. Support of family

5 Hopes
1. I do the urine test properly
2. I eat healthier tomorrow
3. I spend time in the living room
4. I crochet
5. I read

1 Thing I Like About Myself Is
I'm easily entertained.
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5 Gratitudes1/8/13
1. Changing my mind and going to crafting
2. Learning more how to crochet
3. Michael buying me the avocado pre-shampoo Burt's Bees hair treatment
4. Klonopin
5. Getting complimented on my new teal sweater and my Vanilla Bean Noel fragrance mist

5 Gratitudes1/9/13
1. Getting my driver's license renewed without too many problems
2. Reading more about Audrey Hepburn
3. Talking to Izzy
4. Using the elliptical again while watching Rudolph's Shiny New Year with Michael
5. Michael making me pizza

5 Hopes
1. I can do a full hour on the elliptical tomorrow
2. I feel even less stressed over Linni
3. I make progress at crocheting
4. No binging
5. No depression or anxiety (or at least minimal)
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5 Gratitudes
1. Seeing friends at church
2. Talking to Cory
3. Eating a chocolate chip bagel with cream cheese at Einstein with Michael and Cory
4. Michael
5. Klonopin

5 Hopes
1. I'm less anxious and depressed tomorrow
2. I clean up my clothes
3. I work on my anxiety DBT and ED art/journaling workbooks
4. Michael and I watch Rudolph's Shiny New Year
5. My wheezing is gone
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5 Gratitudes
1. Michael being strong
2. Reading about Audrey Hepburn
3. Brown sugar and cinnamon Pop Tarts
4. Watching Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure with Michael
5. Being less sick today

5 Hopes
1. Michael and I will both be less sick tomorrow and Michael won't have any sickness-induced hallucinations or overheating
2. We both will feel less anxiety and depression/will feel more emotional wellbeing
3. More housecleaning will be done
4. I will eat better again starting tomorrow
5. Michael and I will watch more recent episodes of MLP: FiM
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5 Gratitudes
1. A good doctor's appointment
2. Not vomiting
3. Michael
4. Good friends
5. Nyquil

5 Hopes
1. Closure
2. Feeling less sick tomorrow
3. Michael being less sick tomorrow
4. My computer scren getting "stuck" into place better (otherwise I might need to buy a new -- much cheaper! -- laptop in 2013)
5. Michael being happy
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5 Gratitudes
1. Michael having a good birthday and enjoying his gifts
Michael seemed happy today and liked what I gave him, though he needs a new chain for the bear pendant
2. Not binging
I ate a fair amount of calories today, including sweets, but no binging, which is a step in the right direction
3. Good psychiatrist appointment
My psychiatrist was nice, as always, supportive, encouraged me about getting in better shape and losing weight, and was sorry others weren't understanding of me
4. Seeing friends and having a good dinner
I got a chance to see a couple of friends I haven't seen in awhile, and another friend I always love seeing; I had a delicious meatball sandwich for dinner and discussion was fun and lighthearted
5. Getting the proper Blu-ray player hooked up
It was irritating to find out I'd ordered a wired internet connection Blu-ray player when I needed wireless, so we exchanged the machine at hhgregg for another model for the exact same price. Michael installed it and connected it to the internet and I'm excited!

5 Hopes
1. No binging or overeating tomorrow
2. 2 1 hour workouts tomorrow (1 in the morning before I shower, 1 later in the day)
3. A good visit with Michael's family
4. Painless time cleaning up the house for Jan's arrival
5. No (or very little) anxiety or depression for Michael and me
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1. Going to the holiday craft show with my mother
A fun, yearly tradition
2. My mother buying me a Christmas ornament
She usually does this -- this time it's an angel with curly brown hair made out of a fake white poinsettia
3. Spending time with Michael and Kat and eating pizza
Kat chose toppings I like and I always enjoyed laidback conversations with Kat
4. Playing Apples to Apples at Young Adult Group
5. Watching Slings and Arrows while on the elliptical
Makes exercise more interesting and I focus better on the seris
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1. Buying a new, pretty pair of yoga pants from Target
They are dark gray with an aqua and peach and silver star pattern at the top
2. Watching SNL with Michael
Cheers me up
3. Finished reading The Bipolar Survival Guide
It provided some insights I hadn't really thought about
4. My mother taking me to Walmart
She paid for my cat water (distilled) and nail polish remover
5. Cookies and cookie dough
They are bad for my diet, but so delicious
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1. Buying a pair of floral skinny jeans from JC Penney
2. Getting dark chocolate (Target), peanut butter chocolate chip cookies (Jewel), and lavender laundry detergent from Trader Joe's
3. Minimal anxiety after morning passed
4. Watching Margot (documentary about a ballerina) and Cinderella
5. No bingeing today
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1. Good church service
2. Talking to friends (online and offline)
3. Buying the glasses frames I love for very little money
4. My mother agreeing to pay up to $200 worth of lenses
5. My mother's partner being able to easily seal Michael's window
6. Dark chocolate mocha
7. Season premiere of Once Upon a Time
8. Low anxiety day
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1. Watching MLP:FiM
2. Going to the Willowbrook Wildlife Center
3. Getting a small reimbursement (?) from the hospital
4. Finding out our new vacuum is waiting for us at h.h.gregg
5. Reading Magic of the Celtic Otherworld
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1. My air purifier arriving
2. Dinner from Panera Bread
3. Coloring in a stained glass fairy coloring book
4. Talking to Jan on the phone
5. Watching Stick It
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1. My mother and I coming to understand each other
2. Chuck bringing me corned beef and potatoes (and cabbage, which I don't eat)
3. My mother buying me some groceries
4. Playing with clay
5. No cramps
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1. Talking to Amber on the phone
2. Chocolate lava cakes (though I binged:( Probably had 3,500 calories worth...
3. Less anxiety
4. My mother trying to understand my perspective
5. Michael buying me clay
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1. Having renewed determination to not spend
2. Having less anxiety today than in a long time
3. My cold was tolerable
4. Toothpaste got the tarnish out of our silver rings (from the well water)
5. Watching audio commentary on Once Upon a Time episodes
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1. My cold not being too bad
2. Watching Dance Academy
3. My bloating decreased substantially
4. Finally making myself tea
5. Michael buying the filters for the new air purifier


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